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  • What are the advantages of a tourniquet?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instruments Co., Ltd.Date:2018-06-29 15:42 Click:

The tourniquet is made of medical polymer material natural rubber or special rubber. It is milky white, flattened long strip, piled type packing box, strong flexibility and continuous extraction. It is suitable for the medical institutions in the routine treatment and treatment of transfusion, blood, blood transfusion, hemostasis when the use of disposable; or limb bleeding, the wild snake bite bleeding emergency stop bleeding, then what are the advantages of hemostasis?



1. Auto Inflate up to set value

2. Can increase and reduce pressure at any time according to the operation condition

3. Overpressure automatic pressure relief, automatic leakage and quick atmospheric compensation.

4, keep working pressure under the condition of sudden power failure.

5, to achieve the scheduled time, automatically stop inflating, tourniquet pressure drop, limb blood circulation recovery

6, automatic timing, remaining 10 minutes, 1 minutes automatic alarm tips

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