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  • What are the functions and precautions of the air wave pressure therapeutic apparatus that needs to be understood?
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Effect of air wave pressure therapy instrument
1. Upper and lower extremities edema
Primary and secondary lymphoedema, chronic venous edema, fatty edema, mixed edema, and so on. Especially for breast lymphedema after breast surgery, the effect is remarkable. The principle of treatment is to promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and remove some of the pain, unpleasant metabolites and inflammatory substances in the main circulation to remove the edema.
2. Patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia and paralysis
Hemiplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, long term bedridden patients, because of slow blood flow, muscle no contraction force, prone to deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities. Paralysis and spinal cord injury are the highest risk factors for deep vein thrombosis, and the probability of 50-100% will be formed. Improper prevention and treatment may cause pulmonary embolism to endanger life, or cause swelling of the lower extremities, ulcers and skin pigmentation. The use of air wave pressure therapy instrument, repeated pressure after the pressure of the limbs and then pressure, so as to produce like muscle contraction and diastolic function, promote venous blood and lymph circulation, and achieve full massage effect, the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and the prevention and treatment of lower limb muscle atrophy of important significance.
3. Diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis
In the process of accelerating the reflux of venous blood and lymphatic tissue fluid, the air wave pressure therapy instrument is applied in order to accelerate the flow of venous blood and lymph tissue. The lymph and venous blood can be rapidly driven to the proximal end of the limb to reduce the pressure in the acromegaly tissue. In the time of gas emptying, the blood supply of the arteries is rapidly enhanced so that the limbs can be quickly improved. The blood supply and supply of oxygen in the tissue, and the removal of metabolites and inflammatory substances, is more conducive to the recovery of lower extremity arterial ischemia (diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis, intermittent claudication).
4. For diabetic foot patients
Because the pressure pump is used to increase the nerve flow perfusion and oxygen cooperation, and improve the oxygen consumption of the nerve to improve the function, the symptoms of numbness in the limbs are obviously reduced and the skin feeling is more sensitive than before the treatment. Usually 4 or 5 times the numbness of pain obviously relieved or disappeared.
5. The blood circulation of the extremities is not good
Air wave pressure therapy instrument, using intermittent pressure, through repeated expansion and contraction of air wave, can improve blood circulation, improve the surface temperature of the skin, expand the effect of activating blood vessels, help to resist thrombosis and improve circulation, remove metabolic waste in the blood and strengthen the degree of oxygenation of the limbs, and help to solve the problem. A disease caused by a disturbance of blood circulation.
6. For venous insufficiency
For varicose veins, venous ulcers and other venous reflux conditions, this air wave pressure therapy instrument is equivalent to a venous return pump, using gradient pressure, the pressure of the distal end is large, the pressure of the proximal end is small, and the lymphedema, as well as some painful and uncomfortable metabolic substances, are removed to the main circulation. . 7. For the middle-aged and the elderly
Promoting blood circulation, relieving muscle fatigue, relieving pain and paralyzing discomfort limbs, through repeated expansion and contraction of the air wave of the pressure instrument, it can obviously improve blood circulation, increase the surface temperature of the human skin, reach the expansion, activate the effect of blood vessels, and help to solve the disease caused by blood circulation disturbance. Root.
Precautions for treatment
1, before treatment, check whether the equipment is intact and whether the patient has bleeding.
2, before each treatment, check the affected limbs, if there are not scab ulcers or pressure sore, if there should be isolated and protected after treatment, if there is bleeding wound should be temporarily treated.
3, treatment should be treated in patients sober, patients should have no sensory impairment.
4, during the treatment, we should pay attention to the change of the skin color of the affected limb, and ask the patient's feeling and adjust the dosage according to the situation.
5, explain the therapeutic effect to patients, relieve their concerns and encourage patients to participate actively in the treatment.
6. For elderly patients with poor elasticity of blood vessels, the pressure increases gradually from childhood to tolerance.
7, if the patient exposes limbs / parts, please pay attention to wearing disposable cotton isolating clothes or sheath to prevent cross infection.
8. Those who advocate the use of positive pressure sequential therapy should first try the apparatus in person, so as to provide regular doses for patients with sensory disorders.
9. When connecting the trachea on the socket, it is necessary to have a fixed socket socket at one hand and vertically connect the trachea with one hand.
10, sleeve cleaning method: use alcohol to wipe.
11, sleeve disinfection method: expand the sleeve and use ultraviolet for 30 minutes. It