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  • What are correct nursing countermeasures of tourniquet?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instruments Co., Ltd.Date:2017-06-28 14:48 Click:

tourniquet is mainly used for battlefield rescue tourniquet (emergency hemostasis and amputation to reduce bleeding), then use is also extended to the wild snake bites hemorrhage during emergency hemostasis and routine therapy, the treatment of blood transfusion, and blood transfusion. Then we come to understand the correct nursing care of tourniquet, what are the countermeasures?


1 before using a tourniquet, carefully check whether or not the leak, the hemostatic instrument is flexible and practical, otherwise it should be replaced in time.

2 select the tourniquet (big, medium, small) accurately according to the limb and age.

3 when strapping, the elastic should be suitable to accommodate one finger.

4 before tying the tourniquet, wrap the wound with gauze or sterile towel to protect the limbs, and pave the way to prevent uneven stress, causing blisters or blood stasis.

5 tied after use to prevent reinforcement of gauze bandage for two weeks, open up or slip.

6 nurses by sterile tourniquet can assist the surgeon on the operating table strapping, ensure appropriate tightness.

7, strict control of the tourniquet time limit, the use of first times a single limb does not exceed 90min, second times the use of not more than 60min, 2 intervals for 5 ~ 10min.

The above is for you to introduce the contents of the tourniquet, more content, you are welcome to call for advice!