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  • How can a tourniquet disinfection?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instruments Co., Ltd.Date:2017-06-26 15:08 Click:

tourniquet using tourniquet medical polymer materials of natural rubber or rubber refined, milky white, long flat, even folding box, strong scalability, continuous extraction, so how to disinfect the tourniquet? Let's see it!


1, tourniquet closed recovery, first of all to assess the quality of tourniquet, check the degree of pollution. Such as serious pollution, repeated flushing under flowing water. Soak in a multienzyme solution for 5 minutes.

2, quality requirements: according to manufacturers of multi enzyme liquid note, pay attention to the temperature and time of enzyme liquid, cleaning liquid surface soaked tourniquet 1-2cm.

3. Rub or remove the dirt outside the tourniquet with flowing water or rubbing with gauze.

4. Use the high pressure water gun (tap water) to wash the dirt inside the tourniquet.

5, quality requirements: visual appearance without stains, bright and clean.

6 rinse repeatedly with warm hot water and rinse with purified water.

7. Use the high pressure water gun (purified water or distilled water) to wash the dirt inside the tourniquet. Purified, distilled or distilled water for rinsing and rinsing at the end.

8, quality requirements: tourniquet no cleaning liquid residue, no stains. 5.1 put into the disinfectant containing the effective chlorine 1000mg/L for 30 minutes or boil in a boiling bath to sterilize. The temperature of 90 DEG C, longer than 5 minutes.

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