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  • The use of the automatic pressure hemostasis
  • Editor:Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instruments Co., Ltd.Date:2017-06-19 17:12 Click:

     automatic tourniquet is widely used in the Department of orthopedics operation, automatic tourniquet can not only reduce the bleeding of the operative field, the operation is convenient operation, shorten operation time, provide favorable conditions for the patient's recovery, but also reduce the application of blood resources, reduce the economic burden of the patients, the medical Jiang Hao Xiaobian together to understand the usage of automatic pneumatic hemostat and everyone.

automatic tourniquet

Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the "pressure" and "time" display window, the digital tube is bright, and show the data used last time.

The hemostatic cuff is fixed on the limbs of patients needed to stop bleeding, the cuff is inserted into the trachea end configuration of the socket outlet, the other end is inserted into the machine.

According to the operation required by the "pressure rise up" or "pressure drop down" button to set the "pressure"; according to the "time up" or "down time" button to set the bleeding time.

Press the "inflatable" button, the gas indicator light, the machine quickly inflated to achieve the set pressure value, the gas indicator lights out, the operation can proceed.

During the operation, if the gas path is slightly leaking, the system can automatically compensate, can hear intermittent inflatable sound.

The system after inflation "time window" countdown, display the remaining time, when the remaining time is 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minutes, the machine will produce different audible alarm, to remind the operator, if the operation time is not enough, can press the "time rise up" button, prolonged bleeding time

The end of the operation, according to the "release" button, system can be smoothly deflated, until the pressure is zero, remove the patients on the limb tourniquet cuff can.

Dual channel type, two channels can work independently at the same time, can also be used alone, the operation is the same as the single channel.

Here is the content of the automatic pneumatic tourniquet introduced by Xiao Bian. If you want to know more, you are welcome to visit the official website of Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical apparatus Co., Ltd. for more detailed information!